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Certified as per Indian Organics


100% organic and pure desi cow milk
NO Additives or preservatives
Untouched by human hand

what we feed our cows

clean soft filtered water.

Utmost care is given to our cows!! Well balanced and customised diet plans are made giving priority to their health. We grow cow feed in our own farm, where cows are left free to graze. This ensures the production of nutritive milk filled with all the goodness.

We believe in providing clean, filtered water to our cows. In the process of filtering, the  water goes through layers of lavancha, lime and other organic materials filling the water with all necessary nutrients.


untouched, hygenic milk parloUr


milking farm

Serving nutritive and pure milk to our customers is our motto. We are one of the few farms which uses state of art dairy technology to produce high quality 100% desi cow milk.  From milking the cow to delivery of the milk there is no human hand intervension.

Our farm is spread over 30 acres with lush green plants with the best environment. Our cows are left free to graze. This ensures our cows feel home and exhibit their natural behaviour. Hence the milk produced is filled with all the nutritive  goodness.


Quality control



Once milking is done, our priority is ensuring its quality. It is kept in a cold storage at 4°C temperature till it is delivered to our customers. 

We ensure to keep the cold environment even in the delivery process till it reaches the end consumption

Drinking Milk


We at YASHAS grow the crops that feed our cows, process and bottle the milk at our own facilities. This closed system is unique to YASHAS and allows us to be guardians of our milk at every step of the production to delivery, You can always trust where YASHAS comes from.

We started YASHAS to provide high quality real Organic Desi cow milk that is more natural and nutritious. It is promise to take exceptional care at every step.

We know how important it is to put our cow's needs first. Allowing them to walk freely while being protected from harsh weather, cows feel more comfortable and they reward us with some of the best milk in the Dairy farms.

Our farm employs modern, proven farming practices that have strong scientific validation and that allow us to responsibly utilize the potential of our land.

Our harvests are carefully mixed to create a well-balanced diet for our cows, to ensure that every cow is getting the right amount of nutrition in every bite.

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