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We started Yashas as a solution for people like us who are looking for ways to reduce the chemical content in our lives

About Us

Yashas desi organic farm is located on a 30 acre sprawling green land surrounded by mystic and picturesque undulating hills in Yeshwanthnagar, Sandur taluk, Bellary District, Karnataka. This vast lush green farm is the best environment for our desi cows to walk, graze, rest and play freely.

We at Yashas feed the cattle with naturally grown organic fodder without any chemical ingredients to produce 100% pure organic fresh desi cow milk which is inherent with high nourishment and medical values.

We are one of the very few farms which uses state of art dairy technology to produce high quality 100% desi cow milk.

We at Yashas Desi Organic farm ensure that our desi cows stay stress free and exhibit their natural behaviour. We believe only happy and healthy desi cows give us the A2 milk comparable to divine milk.

Meet The Team


Bharathi Ramesh

Director, Yashas Desi Organic Farm


Malathi Satish Chitriki

Director, Yashas Desi Organic Farm


Kusuma Nagaraj

Director, Yashas Desi Organic Farm

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 7.38.17 AM.

Veena Shivakumar

Director, Yashas Desi Organic Farm

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